Welcome Tyler & Ana
12. February 2024
We are happy to welcome Tyler & Ana Fort to the NMBCH family. Help us welcome this wonderful couple to NMBCH.

Owen Cottage: Small actions, Big Rewards
Cottage Good News · 12. February 2024
Good news from Owen Cottage: God works in small ways to produce huge victories. The consistency and faithfulness of houseparents can help a child grow in confidence and skills.

From Hard Places to Bright Futures: The Impact of Teamwork
12. February 2024
There are many children in this complex and challenging world who are facing adversity daily. These children from hard places often struggle to meet educational goals due to circumstances beyond their control. Yet, there exists a place of hope: a team of people who, together, can impact the lives of these children forever.

Who Do You Call?
29. September 2023
Who do you call for help in a time of need- Arnold, Chuck Norris, Superman? Around New Mexico Baptist Children’s Home, we call Opal, once introduced by one of our house dads as someone who does everything around here.

The Gift of Reading
Volunteer · 02. August 2023
Caitlin Brosseau with the help of friends, donated $2400 worth of books to the children of NMBCH. Read more about Caitlin's mission.

Lets Ride!
Volunteer · 27. July 2023
For as many years as we can remember, The Christian Motorcycle Association, Son Country Riders from Hobbs, NM have made it their annual mission to have the New Mexico Baptist Children’s Home scheduled on their calendar.

Serenity Richard Elected New Executive Director of New Mexico Baptist Children's Home & Family Ministries
NMBCH Ministries · 16. July 2023
On July 7, the Board of Directors of the New Mexico Baptist Children’s Home and Family Ministries (NMBCH) elected Serenity Richard to be the Executive Director of the ministry.

God's Creation
Ministry Stories · 14. July 2023
The Baptist Children's Home has had the pleasure of housing many generations of children and also animals provided by our amazing community. This opportunity has allowed us to teach our kids many beautiful values and accumulate memories that build their core for a lifetime.

May Flowers for Mom
Ministry Stories · 03. May 2023
May flowers tell us Spring is on the way, but those beautiful flowers also help us honor the women in our lives. We celebrate the women of NMBCH, who daily give of themselves to share Christ with the children on campus.

A Church Shares the Love of Christ
Ministry Stories · 02. May 2023
Spring Break. All too often, we think of loose-cannon, partying teens and young adults, running wild in various areas around the world, far away from home, when we think of "Spring Break." But, the NM Baptist Children's Home teens and kids experienced a much different kind of Spring Break.

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