November 28, 2023

This Giving Tuesday, we are on a mission to provide a safe and nurturing home for vulnerable children.


Your support plays a pivotal role in making this mission a reality. By donating to NMBCH, your gift will be specifically designated toward purchasing essential appliances and furniture for our new home on the Estancia Campus. This means that you are not only ensuring that children find a secure and loving environment but also providing the tangible comforts and necessities that make a house feel like a home.


We believe in the transformative power of love, care, and support, and your contribution will help us create a warm and welcoming environment where children and individuals alike can thrive.


Join us in creating a better world, one child, one person, and one well-furnished home at a time. Thank you for your generosity and for being a vital part of our mission.


We believe every child deserves to have a place to call home.