May Flowers for Mom

by Dana Philips

May is a month that brings thoughts of warm days, flowers, new life, and summer plans.  But May also brings to mind the women who have played essential roles in our lives.  This year Mother's Day lands on May 14th, a Sunday set aside to honor the women who have nurtured, cared for, loved, and taught us. 


One of my favorite things is pulling out the "picture boxes" at my parent's house.  I could sit for hours looking through these pictures, often searching for "that picture of ___."  While logically, I know we should organize these boxes of photos in some order, it would certainly make the search easier, but the journey less fun. 


During one of our little treasure hunts, I found a photo of my grandmother (Ma-maw, my mother's mother), my mom, and myself.  It was clearly taken on a Mother's Day, for my Ma-maw wore a big, white rose corsage.  I even remember one Mother's Day when she walked out to her red rose bush and cut a corsage for me.  She explained that my flower was red to honor my living mother, while her flower was white to honor her mother, who passed away many years ago. 


While wearing a corsage on Mother's Day was a visible way to celebrate the woman who had poured such love into my grandmother, more importantly, Ma-maw honored her mother by living a life of loving, caring, and giving herself to others.  My mother has followed in her footsteps with the love and care she gives her children, grandchildren, family, and neighbors. 


Over the years, I have worn corsages, crafted things (hopefully recognizable), and written cards to honor these exceptional women who have helped shape me into the woman I am today.  This year, on May 14th, I will again remember and honor the women who played such a role in my life. 


For over one hundred years, women have nurtured, cared for, taught, and loved the children of New Mexico Baptist Children's Home.  Women such as Mother Joiner and Dorothy Hubbard were followed by others who served the Lord by caring for children and families in need.  Today these house moms laugh over games, cook meals, help with homework, wipe tears, and love the children in their homes.  Elissa Farley, Doris Clegg, and Michelle Pearson pour into the lives of those who will one day pour into the lives of others.


Your Mother's Day gift honors the women in your life and those who are today nurturing, caring, loving, and teaching the children who call NMBCH home.  Each year New Mexico Baptist Children's Home honors the "mothers" in our lives with our Mother's Day Offering.  We have expanded this offering to an Annual Offering, a chance to give all year long and honor those special people who have shaped our lives. 


Do you go through your treasure box of pictures and think about the many memories they represent?  Your mind may be on your mother or the other women who have shown you how to care for and love others.  Join us in honoring these special women. 

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