Sponsoring A Child:

The primary goal of our sponsorship programs is to have indivuals or groups offer support to a child that doesn't receive consistent contact or support from family at home.  Unfortunately, this includes most of the children at NMBCH.  Our goal is to have sponsors for each of the children and we have a great need for Christian families, individuals, and groups to fill this role.


Types of Sponsorship:

Direct Support of A Single Child

Sometimes God moves individuals to provide a level of support for a single child at NMBCH. Support can take the form of monthly financial support, cards or gifts on special occasions, school supplies, etc. If you are interested in a sponsorship, please call 575-359-1254 or email us. 

Sponsor Families

A Sponsor Family provides support to a child in many ways, including opening their home to a child for a weekend, holidays, or special outings. A sponsor family also offers spiritual support by praying for their specific child and his or her special needs. These experiences can have a positive, eternal impact on the life of a child and the life of the sponsoring family. A family that lives within a reasonable distance of NMBCH is ideal for this type of sponsorship. If your family feels led to minister in this special way, please call 575-359-1254 or email us. 

Hand In Hand

Hand in Hand is the church or small group sponsorship program at the Baptist Children's Home.  This program gives a church, Sunday School class, or other small group the opportunity to sponsor a child and correspond with that child throughout the year.  This might include praying for that child, contacting him or her on a birthday, during the holidays, or meeting some special needs. If your group is interested in sponsoring a child, please call 575-359-1254 or email us.