Lets Ride!

by Betty McConnell

It all starts with quiet murmuring across campus. “Is it time?” “Are they coming?” Until the weekend is finally upon us. In anticipation of the long-awaited day, the campus residents start gathering outside to wait. “Quiet,” someone says, “I think I hear them!” All eyes are on our gate entrance. Everyone stands up and starts clapping. The sounds of Christian music blaring in the air can barely be heard over the loud roar of the motorcycles- 1, 2, 10, sometimes as many as 20 cycles filing in one by one on a mission to put a smile on the face of a child (and a few adults).  


For as many years as we can remember, The Christian Motorcycle Association, Son Country Riders from Hobbs, NM have made it their annual mission to have the New Mexico Baptist Children’s Home scheduled on their calendar. Children new to the Home, who haven’t experienced interacting with the group before stand back reserved, unsure whether they will ride a motorcycle. It doesn’t take much time before this friendly group of Christian riders negotiate sweet friendships and new riding partners- as lines begin to form from those shy children waiting for their 4th and 5th ride around the neighborhood, hopping lines from cool bike to cool bike.  


The kids would keep riding endlessly if given the chance, but the group always throws a generous lunch break in the spokes so the kids can get some good food, and everyone can catch a few minutes out of the hot sun. At this year’s event, they fed everyone pizza and chicken nuggets! You’d think this would be a nice time to cut out and say goodbye, but it’s just the beginning of the second round of rides!  


Valerie Knapp and her husband Joel lead this event. Before they arrive, they’ve already gathered information on the current needs of the Home and their group has banded together to fill that list. This year, we received an abundance of school supplies, hygiene items, paper goods, bedding, and a variety of toys. Top that off with a donation of cold hard cash to use where needed, and you can see these folks go over and above in meeting the many ways to show love to our kids in which God has called us.  


We are always, always so thankful that the CMA Riders give us a day out of their lives and bless our socks off! These folks and all of you that join us in the many ways of sharing the gospel are the engine that keeps this ministry pressing on.  

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