Recourses from WMU

Trading Up Bible Study

This FREE resource, made available by National WMU, is a 12 session Bible Study on PTSD.

"Have you experienced trauma firsthand? • Do you have family or friends who have experienced trauma? • Do you want to be part of a care team and minister to those who have experienced trauma?

There is hope and healing for PTSD sufferers."

Trading Up Bible Study
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Your Pain Is Changing You by David Crosby

This is another resource for churches or small groups. This is a book written by David Crosby, pastor of FBC New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. He looks at how we reponse to pain and tradegy. 

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Your Pain Is Changing You, David Crosby. Copyright (c) 2014 by David Crosby. Published by New Hope Publishers, an imprint of Iron Stream Media. Used with permission.