NMBCH Birthdays

March 2020

March 13


David is a charmer who is always asking questions. His smile can light up the world; when he gets his braces off it will light up the universe. He enjoys working with steers and goats in the Home’s 4H program. Pray for his direction in life, future career choice, school and family.

March 22


Maria walks with a bounce in her step and wears her emotions on her sleeve. She loves her hot Takis, soda pop, make-up, and music. She is great with young kids and spent last summer at Mission Camp.  Pray she would have clarity and a vision for her future, that she will find her value in Christ, and that she may always know she is well-loved.  


March 24


Carolyn, our adoption ministry worker, is currently working on her DSW (doctorate in social work) and is an avid college football fan. She cheers her Baylor Bears (her alma mater) toward the win! Pray for continued guidance as she works to get the NMBCH adoption program certified. Pray for focus and clarity as she shuffles many responsibilities.