Christian Men's/Women's Job Corps

Our organization is thrilled to be a part of WMU's Christian Men's/Women's Job Corps. 


The Christian Men's/Women's Job Corps seek to equip people for both life and employment. Through more than 200 registered and certified CWJC/CMJC sites across the nation, thousands of women and men each year gain self-confidence, purpose, direction, and hope for their future.


Our Portales CWJC program has changed lives, and we hope to continue spreading CMJC/CWJC's impact around the state of NM.


CMJC/CWJC offers:

  • Life skills training
  • Job skills training
  • Computer skills training
  • Mentoring
  • Bible Study

If you'd like to become involved in the work of our CMJC/CWJC program, whether as a participant or volunteer, please contact our staff!


Connie Dixon

WMU/CWJC Coordinator

Cell Phone: (575) 760-1603



Teresa Howard

CWJC Site Coordinator

Cell Phone: (575) 226-3759



Upcoming Trainings:

What: CWJC/CMJC National Training for Site Coordinators Level 1

When: March 13-14, 2020

Where: Portales

Cost: New Mexico - $50.00.  Other states - $100.00

Deadline for Registration:  (Late Registration as space available)



Register by emailing Connie Dixon at or calling 575-760-1603