Join Us On A Prayer Walk

We invite you to join us on a quick campus tour of the New Mexico Baptist Children' Home.  At each stop, we have listed prayer requests directly related to the activities that take place in that location.  Thank you for your interest and we hope you enjoy your Virtual "Prayer Walk."

Administration Building

The main offices of the New Mexico Baptist Children’s Home are housed here at the front of the campus.  This is where visitors stop to check in, and where the day-to-day business takes place. Meet our office personnel.


Pray for our administrative staff, that God will guide all their decisions and they will walk in His light.


The Massey Center

The newest building on campus, our Massey Center, is named in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Jake Massey, who were both long-time supporters of your New Mexico Baptist Children’s Home.  All main meals are now prepared and served here, and the large dining room serves as a comfortable gathering place for groups.


Offer a prayer of gratitude for the hands that lovingly prepare meals for everyone who eats here.


The Gymnasium


This view of the gymnasium is from across the campus.  Everything from small group play to basketball leagues, to large banquets and civic group meetings take place here.




Owen Cottage

The first of our family-style cottages, Owen Cottage is named in honor of Mr. Frank Owen.


Pray not only for the house parents, but for the children themselves as well as their families.  Pray they will experience God’s mercy and grace in all of their lives.


Hubbard Cottage

Hubbard is a familiar name at New Mexico Baptist Children’s Home. Mr. & Mrs. Walker C. Hubbard served NMBCH for 34 years as well-loved houseparents and administrators.


Pray that the children in Hubbard Cottage will come to know that they are priceless creations of a loving Father, and they will begin living their lives in His purpose.  Thank Him for the house parents that will help them realize their true worth.



Built by “New Mexico Campers On Mission,” a small RV camp ground is located at the top of the campus.  The area is designed for volunteers who are working on campus to park campers or RVs.


Thank God for the many volunteers God has sent and continues to send to help in this ministry.  Ask Him to bless their efforts by multiplying the energy, talent, and time they spend here.


Grant Cottage

Grant Cottage is currently for the older boys. 


Pray for these children to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and fulfill the plans God has for their lives.  Pray for the house parents to be instruments of God’s love and care for the children in Grant Cottage.


Record Cottage

The last of our family cottages is named for Mr. Henry Record.   Record Cottage currently is home to our girls.


Pray that the house parents here will allow God to work through them to heal wounds and impress His unconditional love on young girls’ hearts.


The Barn

4-H is a large part of many of the children who live at your New Mexico Baptist Children’s Home.  Many hours are spent here both before and after school tending animals and learning the lessons of love and responsibility.


Pray that the children who work and play here will learn that all of creation tells of God and His imagination.