30. August 2018
Some of our children have learned to use their hand to plant, water and harvest some vegetables to feed their cottage. What a wonderful way to learn!
20. August 2018
BACK TO SCHOOL! BACK TO SCHOOL! What happened to the summer? You can count on two things as a kid, the excitement of school ending and the beginning of a new school year. We have had a wonderful summer here and look forward to a great school year. Please pray about being a part of assuring our kids have a great school year.
24. January 2018
Our new, first-ever satellite campus in central NM suffered damages from a terrible fire this Sunday. Read more...
08. January 2018
NMBCH is currently looking for houseparents with a heart for kids!
03. January 2018
This Christmas season, we asked our kids to take some time to think about the things they were thankful for.
22. December 2017
Some of our kiddos took time to write about the things they were thankful for..
21. December 2017
Our children took some time to write letters about what they were thankful for.. We were touched by what they wrote.