A Peek into the Fountaingate Campus

by Alexis Speegle

10 months, 28 days and counting…that’s how long we have been living on our new campus in Alamogordo. We moved two weeks before New Mexico shut down due to Covid-19 and disrupted daily lives. While it was not the start of a new adventure we were expecting, it was what was needed. Our kids became closer to each other since there were no other children around to play with. We learned we didn’t have to eat fast food 4 times a week. We enjoyed worshipping in our house by singing, dancing, and devotions.


You may ask, “What does it take to open up a satellite campus?” Well, for us it took many hands, lots of sweat (this past summer was the hottest in 10 years for Alamogordo), countless prayers, numerous thank you cards, lent equipment, donations of time, abilities, and materials. We could not have done this on our own and we are very grateful for those who came beside us and helped in many ways. We had people purchase items off our Amazon wish list. We received donations of board games, sheets, small kitchen appliances, pantry needs, lamps, night lights, blankets, and many other items that are priceless in turning a building into a welcoming home. One of the greatest contributions has been the prayers, not only from our organizational members, but from churches, small groups, and individuals. We have felt those prayers and know this ministry will be blessed going forward because of these prayer warriors.


Why have people given of their time, possessions, and abilities? To help hurting children and families. When Fountaingate opens, we will be a home for boys, approximately 12 to 18 years old, who need guidance and a safe place. Our houseparents, educators, and administration will provide structure and live a gospel-centered life so that these boys, when they leave, will understand what it means to be (and hopefully will choose to be) a man of God. The boys will attend online school on campus. They will complete daily chores and, when old enough, be partnered with a godly man in an occupational field of their choosing. They will learn to cook and take care of basic necessities. They will hear devotions every day, be active in a Southern Baptist church, and witness the Christian walk of their houseparents. We are excited to be expanding the reach of New Mexico Baptist Children’s Home and Family Ministries. We are so thankful to those who have already come along beside us to help turn this vision into reality.


The Speegles



A Special thank you to:


Southwest Electric

Joshua Ramsey

Bethel Baptist Church

FBC Alamo

David Nohe

Josie Fanta

David and Judy Cass

Norman Bloom

Madeline Thomas

Bethel Women’s Group

Love INC

Hubbard Cottage

Ron and Kristen Geary

Eternity Baptist Church

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