Looking Back at 2020

by Dana Philips

I’ve always enjoyed the many lists that show up at the end of the year. There are the best movies, worst movies, favorite social media videos, top news headlines, and best books (my personal favorite) list. 2020 also gave us new phrases to add to our vocabulary – “social distancing,” “flatten the curve,” and “contact tracing.” Face coverings became the new must-have accessory, and toilet paper became one of the most hunted items on our shopping list.


For many, 2020 could not end fast enough. While the previous year will certainly go down in history, there are also blessing to be found in 2020. There were marriages and births, milestones achieved, and lessons learned. I asked our staff to list a few of the blessings of 2020. These are not listed in any best or worst order, just some reflections on 2020 from our campus:


  • The campus eating together twice a day at Massey Center. A huge THANK YOU to Leven and Randy for providing our meals.
  • Being able to do fun activities on campus: barn, crafty projects, building things.
  • Relying on one another for comfort, fun, and encouragement.
  • A growing appreciation for each other’s roles in our lives. From the staff to the kids on campus. Each plays an important and needed role in our lives.
  • A time to remember those that came before us in this ministry and those that continue to support this special ministry.


These are just a few reflections from the previous year. As we discussed our blessing and thoughts on 2020, the support we received from each other, from donors, and our prayer warriors, kept coming up. Our lives were never meant to be lived in isolation. Even as we had to social distance, quarantine, lockdown – we sought ways to comfort and encourage each other.


Our HOPE Counseling ministry is available to the community for free. We encourage folks that are struggling during this time to reach out for help. You can reach our counselor at 575-226-3759 or visit our website.


A new year always brings the feeling of new beginnings. It is a chance to hit restart, to begin anew. I’ve made my list of 2021 goals and things I want to begin anew. There may be others out there that want a new start in their lives. Bridge to Hope (Christian Women/Men Job Corp) is a great way to hit that restart button. You can get more information at 575-226-3759.


As you look back at 2020, what blessings do you see? What do you want to accomplish in 2021?

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