Whoville, Glow Night, and a Giant Game Board, oh my!

by Dana Philips

Kids and houseparents alike, certainly stay busy during the summer with barn activities, Summer Reading Club, and summer jobs, but they all leave room for lots of fun. There are many activities to do at NMBCH, head to the gym for a game of gaga ball or basketball, hit the pool, or race bikes around the campus.    But on summertime Friday nights, the kiddos will either head to the Rankin house for Summer Reading or gather together for Friday Night Special. What makes these Friday nights so special? Our creative houseparents!


The houseparents and kids have enjoyed many different Friday Night Specials. One night they enjoyed a bonfire and night swim; on another Friday night, the cafeteria turned into a giant game board with the human game pieces! Glow night, held in the gym, had glowing stick figures running around the gym playing freeze tag or gaga ball. Let's not forget the visit to Whoville, with green eggs and ham, and all the Whos? On this night, the Whos of Whoville received awards for best Whoiest. Along with the best dressed Who, the most Whoiest named received giant candy bars. 


As we await the next Friday Night Special, we speculate on what that night will bring - maybe a trip to Oz. Thank you for your support in making our nights so unique, and may your Friday nights be a special as ours. 

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