Hello Summer!

The 2019/2020 School Year has come to a close. This has undoubtedly been a historic school year, not only for our students but for students and teachers across the nation. COVID-19 impacted nearly every area of our country. While our students remained safe on campus, activity did not stop. They continued to learn from a distance, worked with their animals at the barn, and participated in fun activities on campus. The kids had an excellent attitude during this time.  


Recently, the staff and kids on campus celebrated the end of school and the beginning of summer with a Hawaiian themed party. They donned their Hawaiian shirts and leis to welcome the summer to the Portales Campus. The staff and kids took a moment to thank Randy Rankin for providing lunch and dinner to the campus during the time of distance learning.  For his selfless service, he received a box of yummy cookies! 


Activities on campus will continue throughout the summer break. All the kiddos will continue to work with their 4-H animals at the barn. They will also begin their summer reading program, something they participate in every summer. Not to mention pool time, big-screen video game in the gym, bingo night, popcorn and movies, and oh, so much more. Yes, school may be over, but the fun of summer is just beginning.  


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While school may be over for this year, we are already preparing for the next school year. If you would like to help, please click the “Back to School” button below.  


Bring on Summer!!

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