2020 Vision

In 2019, we celebrated 100 years of continued service to hurting children and families. Over the years we transitioned from a small two-story farmhouse, to a three-story brick building and then to a campus with family style cottages.  While there have been many changes over the years, our mission remained the same - taking care of hurting children in need of a stable and safe environment in which to live and thrive.


 Our programs have expanded over the years to offer more opportunities for the children in our care to grow. In the past few years we added several programs to help the community deal with the many issues facing our families today.


We celebrate the past as we look to the future with “20/20” eyesight. We are focused on what we can do for the next generations of families who may need our help. We are in the process of branching out to other areas of our state and offering help to hurting families.


2020 will prove to be a year of tremendous growth in our work. We could not, and will not, forget the great blessings of the past or the many individuals who have walked this journey with us. Perhaps you were not able to walk beside us in the past 100 years; we pray you will walk hand and hand with us in the future.


Won’t you join our 2020 vision of continuing to offer hope to hurting children and families in New Mexico?



Randy Rankin

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