We Love Our Volunteers

In 1918, when NM Baptist Orphanage was still an idea - a hope for the future - those that spearheaded the effort knew that without help this hoped for idea would never come to be. The first letters from superintendents and the matrons of the Baptist Orphanage included gratitude for the many that stepped up and helped care for children by donated their time and needed items.  Lists of items donated, food dropped off, monies given and time and work spent were seen in the letters of grateful hearts.  


Over the last 100 years, people have continued to support the Children's Home with love, prayers and needed items. Recently, we had not one, but two groups on campus helping us with maintenance of the grounds along with precious time spent together over meals. Gila Valley Baptist Church sent a group that not only spent hours in the heat sprucing up the campus, but loved on the kids and staff. They presented the gospel in a unique way the last night on campus with a puppet show.  


A group from First Woodway Baptist Church led by former administration of NMBCH, René Maciel and his wife Sabrina, came and got their hands dirty helping with the sprinkler system and other needed maintenance on campus. They loved on the children and spent time with them, but also gave special attention and care to our houseparents 


Thank you to both of these groups and the many others that give their resources and time to support this special ministry.  

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