Back to School 2018

Randy Rankin - President

Do you remember what it was like to start back to school after a great summer break? 

This summer we felt our stomachs drop on the tallest roller coaster at Six Flags, came face to face with wild animals at the Ft. Worth Zoo, planted our campus garden, worked with our 4-H animals, fished, conquered the Wibit, played, swam, played, fished and played some more. What a summer!


You can count on two things as a kid, the excitement of school ending and the beginning of a new school year. Kids have so many questions running through their heads. “What will I wear on the first day of school?” “Will I have classes with my friends?” “Who will be my teachers?” The fun of picking out school clothes, book bags and school supplies are just a few of the things our kids are looking forward to doing.


You can help us help them. We are in the middle of a Back to School Drive. This special event will allow us to provide back to school clothes, pay for extra-curricular equipment and registrations, school supplies, band instruments, and a host of other items we encounter with our children being back in school. You can support our children in so many ways, helping us provide for these needs and praying for our children as they go to school each day. 


We appreciate all the support we receive throughout the year. This is a special drive in addition to the wonderful support you provide. Through this effort we will insure our kids start off the school year on the right foot. 

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